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    Welcome:Xi'an Hao Er mechanical and Electrical Equipme!                                   中文網站
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    "Honesty, trustworthiness, innovation, pursuit of quality, endless" is the company's philosophy.
    hotline +8613572906711
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    Continue to bring value to the customer

    Life-long maintenance to ensure customer interests
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    AboutABOUT US

    Xi'an Hao mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech manufacturing enterprise in Xi'an. It combines R & D, manufacturing and sales in one. It is famous for its advanced advanced technology, high precision processing technology and quick and perfect after-sales service.

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    Home About Product News Service Factory Honor Custome Case Message Contact
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    ADDRESSNo. 58, Fengjing Industrial Park, Xi'an, Xi'an, Shaanxi
    LANDLINE +8613572906711
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